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As the Rain Beat Down on Our Town

by Joe Normal

Released 2016
Rankoutsider Records
Released 2016
Rankoutsider Records
Authentic Underground Folk-Pop Songwriter from New Jersey who rocks it!
A tribute to anyone who ever dreamed of making it big and escaping the grasps of the working class small town. This is an autobiographical work by Joe Normal, who grew up in port town of Elizabeth, New Jersey in the shadows of the factories and oil refineries, with aspirations to reach the heights of rock stardom as other Jersey natives before him like Bruce Springsteen and Paul Simon.



Watching the rain comin’ down from the window
In a New England diner on North Avenue,
Bought my first cup of coffee, sharin' a wet pack of butts,
Making plans with my band mates, to rise outta this rut
While the rain beats down on our town
While the rain beats down on our town

Two electric guitars and a blue sparkle kit, shout on a
Cheap microphone awash in teenager spit
In an attic above dreary Morris Avenue
Singing out through a window to the sordid view
Of the rain beating down on our town
Of the rain beating down on our town

Cutting through the graveyard on the way from school,
To another rehearsal with my brother and you,
Meet across from your house, some friends at-the-pizza place
Then walk over together to escape from this place
As the rain beats down on our town
As the rain beats down on our town

I bet every young person held back by these streets
Dreamt of leaving it all far behind

So am I any different To want something else
Someday we'll all get signed...
We'll kiss our town good-bye...
And clear away these skies..
Bye - byyyeee

Walking home in the rain with my guitar in a bag
Knowing someday we’ll make it and will never come back
Unlike our fathers and their fathers in the... factories
Who gave up on themselves and let their dreams wash away
In the rain beating down on our town
As the rain beat down on our town
As the rain..... beat down..... on our town

Welcome to Anytown, USA!



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"a tribute to any rocker who dreamt of stardom as a means of escaping the grasp of a working class town..."